How to reset windows resolution if you can't see



So I hooked up my monitor through DVI->HDMI cable to my new 1080p television last night, only to stupidly choose a resolution that was out of range and accidentally agree to keep it on that resolution. I can hook up VGA out to my television, but for some reason resolution changes I make to VGA out arent applying to DVI out. I have an NVIDIA 6800GT OC card.So basically, I can run off VGA no problem, but it looks like balls compared to DVI/HDMI. Whenever I switch to DVI output I am getting the invalid format error on my TV and I can’t seem to get it back to something usable. Is there any shortcut way I can change my res under XP back to say 800x600 without having to go through the right click properties thing? Keep in mind I can see on VGA, so I have access to editing config files, but I currently have no other DVI input device handy which can change the res for me.

Please help.

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