Official Blockpool Announcement! 9/19/2017


It’s probably been a little too long since our last public statement, but things have just been crazy here since the TEC and all very much in a positive way. Since the TEC, we agreed that for us to raise the profile of Blockpool we should plan to release news in a structured strategic way that will help us achieve maximum impact that will ultimately result in value of the company rising. This was always the plan. This still is the plan. However, to do this strategically it takes a little time, negotiation and planning to execute effectively so each piece if news builds on the last.

But we are nearly there, and believe you me if you have any interest in Blockpool it will be well worth waiting for.

Prior to the TEC we had already started to build a healthy pipeline with some interesting people but everyone was under NDA for commercial reasons as I am sure you can understand. However, there has indeed been progress and what we can say is that there will be some significant announcements in the following areas coming very soon that I am now allowed to disclose without naming any names:

  1. Grassroots sports – we are partnering with a Global based sports app that will allow you to track and reward grassroots sports teams and be rewarded yourself for doing so.

  2. Music - 2 projects:

                        I.          An events/entertainment production company running a UK wide annual song-writing competition who require blockchain technology to compliment their unique voting software to enhance the users/participants experience.
                       II.          An established global music artist who is renowned for embracing technology will be one of the first major artists to allow the public to buy their album with crypto-currency. This is phase 1. The bigger picture is for the artist to go 100% crypto.

This is part 1 of the announcement look out for part 2 soon.