Profit Sharing Pools


Profit Sharing Pools
The following pools offer profit sharing to their voters.

Delegate Payout Frequency Website Discord
92percentshare_pool 92% to voters daily deadpool
karpos 92% to voters daily CryptoGabor
cryptooz_pool 90% to voters daily troybeags
dated_pool 90% to voters weekly dated
90percentshare_pool0 90% to voters monthly - -
hknatm 78% to voters - - hknatm

Please reply to this thread if you would like your pool added to the list.


hi add me pls BGiGjLAN2eYXjQAg6NQtoAutD9ovCRYfAk



Can you please reply with your delegate name and what percentage you are returning to voters, as well as whatever other relevant details you can provide?



alexgutm B4X3Hzo3hH82cpzqo9bMcm1UGm59rPdLki


Please add my pool!
delegate: 92percentshare_pool
sharing: 92% Daily



Just a quick question, I’ve voted for a few of these, are there scheduled ‘payouts’ for voters? Not expecting first day of voting or anything, just curious


I payout daily with a minimum of 1 BPL.


Shanktpool has been decommissioned.


Is there a webpage to check pending payouts for cryptooz_pool?



yea there is:


Hello , could you please add me to the list.

Delegate: hknatm
Percentage: %78 to voters (will be changed after i can manage to gather my spending)
Website: wish had one :confused:


Hi All,

My proposal for delegate karpos (Can I be added to the pool list?)

Delegate: karpos
Sharing percentage: 92%
Payout frequency: daily
Payout minimum: 1 BPL
Pool Dashboard: In Progress
Contact: CryptoGabor

Thank You!


Quick reminder that delegate dated is not sharing profits any longer. Vote for dated_pool to continue to receive rewards. The fees for your vote will be covered.